Typical Piedmontese dishes

The restaurant offers typical Piedmontese dishes: home-made noodle and sauces, game, very tasty mush-rooms, other specialities lile Raschera cheese. Having an ancient wood-oven it is produced water-bread and Rubatˆ (bread-stick) without fat, maize-biscuits In autumn it’s possible to organize for groups picking chestnuts and feast.



Our menus

TOURIST MENU : € 12,00
Mushrooms-noodles, chicken-breast with hazel, vegetables, bonet (sweet pudding), coffee.

GROUPS MENU: € 20,00
Home-made salami, cheese in green sauce, Russian salad, tomato sauce noodle, rice, roast, vegetablese, bonet, coffee.

TASTING MENU : € 25,00:
Home-made salami, beef with Ricotta (cottage cheese made of skim milk), veal with tunny sauce, salade of smoked trout, fried Polenta with leek, “little boats” with mushrooms, peppers with Bagna cauda (hot sauce), pumpkin-pudding with “fondue”, “royal” Ravioli, noodles with mushrooms, guinea-hen cacciatore, kid with herb, pig-haunch, vegetables, bonet, stuffed peaches, coffee.


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